Creation or Evolution, what's the Truth?

The property of being in accord with fact or reality

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Why Seek the Truth?

          The Bible makes many profound proclamations, which if true, will affect your life and your eternal destiny forever. This alone merits an objective, careful look into the validity of the Bible, Jesus, creation, science, and God. Search the Bible for Truth and decide for yourself. Ignorance should not settle this issue for you- too much is at stake for it to be ignored or taken lightly. It also merits a look at the leading theories for the development of life on earth, so a reasonable judgment of what the Truth behind our existence is can be made. Decide for yourself what to believe. Be careful to make an educated decision, one you have based upon your studies, convictions, and beliefs; not just what someone has crammed down your throat- be that evolution or God. Know what you believe and why you believe it, or you will struggle through life unaware of its purpose, origin, and meaning; thus living an empty life in ignorance and in vain.