Do you believe that God is an evolutionist?

If you do, please cut and paste the following survey onto an email to me and send me the answers. Thanks.

I am assuming you believe that God created life and let it evolve on its own. Correct me if I am wrong. Here we go...

Is God powerful?

If so, why didn't he just create it all at once?

If you don't think so, then how did He create anything?

Is God loving?

Why then would He allow something as brutal as natural selection to chisel out today's world over a period of billions of years? If you don't think God is loving, why then wouldn't He just destroy us? Why did He send Jesus to save us? Why would He create something if He was not willing to take care of it or guide it? Why would He create anything He didn't care about?

Do you believe in that the Bible is the Word of God? (if not go to the evidence of the Bible section [hopefully its up now])

Why then would God send His Word to us written as myths and fairy tales that confuse us? Why would He tell us bed time stories until Jesus comes along?

Why did Jesus refer to His Father's creation when He supposedly should be referring to to His Father's accident?

Is God sovereign? (does he have control over everything?)

Why then would He leave life to chance?

If not, is He really powerful? (make your way back to the evidences section and figure it out yourself)

Here is quick summary of God's sovereignty- Everything that has ever happened has either been in allowance of God's will, or as a result of God's will. Otherwise God is not in control and you shouldn't believe He has the power to save. I like to think of it this way- we choose our actions, but God chooses the consequences. I know this is hard to accept- it is just now setting in on me, but it is absolutely true. There is a reason for everything, but unfortunately unless you are all knowing and infinitely intelligent (unless you are God) you won't know all the consequences of everything and cannot judge them as good or bad events. They may seem bad, but everything happens for the good of those who love Christ.

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