A Brief Overview of the Christian Belief

         I believe in one God, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. This God has no beginning and no end- rather he created time and the other laws that govern us and He Himself, being the Initiator of these laws, is neither contained by nor subject to them. God is the one uncaused element that spawned the law of cause and effect, which guides us today and necessitates either an eternal cosmos or an initiator- God. God created - he caused - the cosmos, and all in it because it pleased Him. God created humans, that we may fellowship with Him and worship Him. In order to do this with meaning, God gave us the free will to accept and obey Him or reject Him. Adam and Eve, being the first humans created by God according to Genesis, chose to disobey God after a time of fellowship with Him. Thus sin -disobedience and rejection of God and His law- was introduced into the world. God knew this would happen, yet He let the events unfold that He might be glorified by humanity and all history since.

         People in our lack of omnipresence and omniscience have a tendency to focus on the suffering that has happened and is happening around us; so often the good things that do happen are completely overlooked. Yet it is this same suffering, wrong, and evil that gives the good meaning. An excellent example may be found in the fiction we read and write. What plot is there in a book without any evil? Without evil and opposing forces, any story would be a bore and a chore to read. The same would be true with life- think about it. It would be like a video game that is impossible to lose- of no challenge and of no interest. Without evil or the potential for evil- the good cannot be valued- merely expected and taken for granted in a bleak and colorless world. That is why things must be the way they are. If all the free will we had was choosing between harmless options such as among colors, life would have no meaning and we really would be nothing more than forced slaves to God. This in God's eyes must have been far worse than allowing the possibility of rejecting Him. Thus God created us with the possibility to fall, and we fell.

         The problem now is this- in disobeying God we make the decision that at least in some cases we think we know better and can do better than God. Because of this we are in a sense, rebels against Him. There is a universal moral code that exists in all humanity, which God has placed in our hearts. You know this code as well as I do- it is in your heart too. Nowhere is it considered noble, right, or good to lie, cheat, steal, or to be excessively selfish. These are just a few of the unwritten rules which reside in your God given conscience. We are born without blemish, yet given a short period of time, our human nature gets the best of us and we rebel against God's way- we sin. There is no one who can escape sin, as no one is perfect and therefore we are all doomed to fail and rebel against God in our sin.

         In this God was presented a dilemma; where will our souls go when our physical bodies pass away? Do we profane God's company with our sinful presence, or are we doomed to separation from God and justice for our wicked deeds? God knows this predicament and has provided a way through Jesus, God in the flesh. Jesus died in order that our sins and rebellion might be paid for. God is a just God, and sin cannot go unpunished. God sent Himself to die on our behalf, as One who could pay for our sin, since we could not. Now a question arises- God has paid for our sin, but how do we receive this gift? Is it forced upon all or given to a select few? It is dealt with simply as you deal with any other gift. You receive it, you deny it, or you ignore it. Can God force upon us this decision or this gift? Not if He is a loving and just God. If you believe in Him and pray with a genuine heart to receive His gift and allow Him to change your life, He will embrace you and forgive you. If you reject Him outright, or pretend you don't need Him, He will let you have your way. Neither can He deny it to any, as a loving God would not create beings destined to go to Hell without hope. By accepting Christ's gift into your life you acknowledge that you are imperfect and need God in your life to help you. You submit to Him and are no longer rebellious. However, a soul that never acknowledges need for God remains in rebellion against Him. Hell is where the rebellious souls go when they die, and heaven is for those who have repented of their sin. Hell is eternal separation from God in a place where there will be great pain and suffering. Those in heaven enjoying God's presence will rejoice eternally having full knowledge of what they deserve, and basking in what joy they experience in God's awesome presence. They will be so overwhelmed with joy, love, peace, and happiness that they will have no other desire than to praise God for eternity- which they will of course choose to do. This is the picture, painted in these words my best interpretation and understanding from fifteen years of studying the Bible.

The bottom line is this- there are four simple laws that govern our relationship with God-

  1. We were created by God to know and love Him personally.
  2. Man is sinful and is separated from God by sin.
  3. God sent Jesus, His Son, to pay for our sins and offer us the gift of redemption.
  4. We now have the choice of either accepting this gift or rejecting it.
These laws govern us and you must make your decision. There is no relativity or room for error here. You either accept Christ's gift into your life as the only way to gain redemption for your sin- or you don't. I pray that you do.

         Now how do I can I be so sure of the Bible? How can I be so sure of this belief? For several reasons. First of all, from personal experience. When I accepted Christ into my life, I became a new person- literally. God changed my life through my submission to Him. This faith and personal experience has been grounded in fact. Check out my essay dealing with the truthfulness of the Gospels- the Gospels form the cornerstone of Christianity, which has been clearly laid out here. The rest of my site is mainly battling against the false religion of darwinism- the belief that we are all the result of naturalistic process and therefore have no God to hold us responsible for our sin.

         I know this message is offensive to many- but there is only one reason I preach it- that I am completely convinced that it is the truth. If it were any other way, I would gladly advocate that way instead. But I have examined other religions, studied science in-depth, and had my beliefs questioned almost endlessly: but the only answers I could find were in the Bible. Think about it. Read a little- search for the Truth. I am completely convinced that if you relinquish selfish pride and search fairly and honestly for answers you will find them too. Start by honestly praying to God to help you find Truth. It may seem kind of weird but I promise you- He hears you.