The Origin of the Site...

         Welcome to! I created this website in response to the ongoing Creation vs. Evolution debate. I was a student at the University of Kansas (1998-2000) when the Kansas State Board of Education (KSBoE) debacle exploded. For those of you not familiar with the incident, the KSBoE decided to remove macroevolution from the state testing standards for high school students. The KSBoE did nothing to inhibit the teaching of macroevolution in schools, but just made it optional as teaching curriculum. The teaching of evolution itself (defined as genetic change over time) was not affected by this decision. The theory of evolution as proposed by Darwin simply was not to be mandated as required learning material. The response to this decision was overwhelming and sickening to me. The Chancellor of KU, Robert Hemenway, actually started a campaign to improve "scientific literacy" by shoving evolution down students' throats (Article 1 / 2 / 3).  An evolutionist in a gorilla suit protested a KSBoE meeting (Article) and made a mockery of the board and their decision. The Kansan (KU's student paper) put out a host of pro-evolution articles- (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ).  Chad Bettes, the Opinion Editor of the Kansan, wrote an article to point out through irony how unfairly the Christians were being treated ( Public Doesn't Open Arms to Christians ). As a Christian myself, and a relatively advanced student in science, I smelled rotten fish. Why do these people find Christians and Creationism so offensive? Why would someone so vehemently defend a scientific theory? Why would the chancellor of a well known public state university hire a bunch of evolutionists to make the students "scientifically literate". Shouldn't he have held a scientific debate? Where's the science in a unquestioned theory? Weren't there scientific laws that contradicted this theory? I wanted to know the Truth. If Creationism was wrong, if I was wrong, I wanted to know. I had to know. I set out on an intensive study to find the facts. I want to make my findings free for all to see and study themselves. That is why I created this website. I encourage you to read through my findings, and make your own decision.

         -Nathan (Webmaster)