A Brief Overview of the Meaning of Life

I believe in divine Creation- Relativity doesn't have a leg to stand on and evolution never had a leg to start with.  

What is the meaning of life?

         The answer lies in the answer to the question 'How did we get here?'. For if we know how we got here, we should know why, and if we know why we are here, we know what to do to justify our existence. If there is no higher power than ourselves, what higher purpose are we called to than to serve ourselves? This may be done in many different ways, yet in the end the meaning of life would be to do whatever pleases us most and has the most in it for yourself. This may be through selfish means, or through generous ones, such as helping the old lady across the street because it makes you feel like you've accomplished something of kindness. I believe this is the only conclusion one may come to if one is an atheist. What else would life be for than for personal pleasure?

         If there is a higher power than ourselves, who created us, the answer lies in 'why did it do so?'. A clay pot was designed specifically for one general purpose- to please it's Creator. How it does so is simple- it functions as a working tool or object that may be of interest to the creator either in use, or in the selling of it to make money. Looking at humans as the 'clay pots' of a higher being raises startling questions. There is one general requirement that does not diminish though- our duty to please our Creator. Why else would He have made us? Why would any craftsman make an object that held no value? - it would not make it at all, as this would be a pure waste of time and energy. The question is not in the capabilities of the object to please the Creator. The question lies much deeper- 'how can it please the Creator?'

         We are human beings because the Creator values us somehow- somehow we are of value to Him. He created us that we may please Him. Now how may we do this, and why would we want to?

         There are several stages that creations go through in their development. First of all, there is the planning stage- What craftsman starts out a project without first planning? What architect does not first lay down a blueprint for a building before beginning construction? No one does this. Anyone with the intellect to survive training to be qualified in being a creator of sorts has the ability to plan and the knowledge that this is absolutely essential to the success of the project. There is the construction phase. This is the stage where the the blueprints are put into action, the product goes off the drawing board and into reality. It is not, however yet to the point where it enters the real world. The testing stage follows. What craftsman will build a careful design, will write a skillful program, or will construct a building, and then not test the product? The product must go through a rigorous testing phase. The product must be tested for quality, usefulness, and durability, the computer program must be thoroughly tested and debugged, and the building must be carefully inspected for safety and usability. The next stage is the modification stage. Whatever faults are found in the testing phase must be fixed and taken care of. The final step is the stage of action. The product will be then be put into use.

         Now, after all this trouble the Creator has gone through, what for? Obviously we are here for a reason- but what is this reason? Simply to please our Creator? Now how do we do that and why would we even want to anyway? Before I even discuss how, I'd like to discuss why. Why should we attempt to please the Creator if there was no purpose or benefit in it for us? This Creator holds several characteristics, which are highly desirable. First of all, this Creator holds a great deal of love and devotion to its creations, or as mentioned earlier, it would not have created them. By acknowledging its power and asking it for help, would it not respond favorably? Would it not hear your prayers and answer them according to its wisdom? Second of all, this Creator holds a tremendous amount of wisdom. Anything with the intellect to perfectly work out the rotation of the stars in the heavens down to each atom perfectly working in order to give you and I life must possess astounding wisdom. If the creation asks for wisdom, will it not receive it? Why would the Creator deny the creation, which it loves, the benefit of free knowledge to live a better and more informed life, therefore being more productive? Is there any other plausible reason? The third and final reason is love. With this kind of abundant and overflowing love for its creation, would not the Creator reach out and love you if you reached out to it? Meeting this Creator, previously unacknowledged, would be like finding your long lost father who loves you desperately. A sense of peace, joy, and hope is released in the meeting. For power, wisdom, and love, is it worth effort to try to please the Creator? Certainly.

         Now what kind of a Creator would create a complicated object without an instruction booklet? Not a bright one; however, we are dealing with a very bright one here. Does it make sense that He would give us detailed instructions in a book that all could read over thousands of years, accompanied by many miracles and signs? Would He not include in this instruction booklet the instructions on how to live and how to please him? Would he not include a tremendous amount of wisdom for living in this book? Simply, hear his word and follow it. That will please the creator. Every book is written for a purpose, and not a cursory reading will do to find this purpose. The book must be read in context with the honest desire to learn. Having done this, follow the instructions in his book. Not with any other desire than to know the truth and how to live it according to the plan of the creator. Selfish motives will not achieve the purpose, and will not allow you to reap the benefits of a personal relationship with the Savior.

         Do you see the purpose of this life now? It is simple- to please our Creator. The Creator has carefully planned out our existence and knows fully what lies ahead. He has set a course that we must follow, or we will not be fit to spend eternity in His presence in heaven. This earth is a testing ground- which creations will pass, which will fail? You hold the answer to this question. Are you willing to admit the presence of an ultimate Creator, whose love you desperately need? Many will not be- as pride in their own self and in their own intellect intervene. If you need evidence, I have done my best to compile some on this website. I believe it to be conclusive. The ball is out of my court. It is in yours. Will you pick up a Bible and read it? Not for just a cursory glance, but a detailed and carefully objective reading? I highly suggest one of the Gospels, describing the life of Jesus.