What is Truth? Why is it Important?

         What is the Truth? This is a question oftentimes asked, yet rarely answered. The first step in the quest for Truth is to figure out what truth is, and if any pure form exists at all. Many have said 'all truth is relative', but this is a self-defeating statement. What good is proclaiming as 'an absolute truth' that there is no absolute truth and all is relative! A better statement would be 'perhaps all truth is relative'. But this is not the case, and it is easy to illuminate what exactly pure truth is. I was born in Tyler, Texas. That's historical fact. That is a statement of truth. Bill Clinton was President of the United Stated from 1992-2000. That is fact as well. No one can say, well it depends, or that's relative. There exists concrete pure truth that rests upon fact grounded in history. There also exist partial truths, half truths, lies, prevarication, etc... I made this website in response to my complete and total belief that the story of the Bible is true and darwinism is not. It appears to me that the the great majority of the media is still not being truthful about the creation/evolution debate. This bothers me tremendously. For a few good examples of news media that is biased and untruthful containing numerous logical fallacies- please visit my 'about the site' link. I keep hearing, over and over in the media 'all scientists are evolutionists', and other such things as 'we know the earth was formed billions of years ago...'. In reality, we don't. And no, not all scientists are evolutionists. Michael Behe, author of Darwin's Black Box, is just one of the many scientists who don't buy into evolution as defined by Darwin. He is an excellent example to cite because he is an agnostic- that's right- he is not a creation scientist. He has no religious inclination to believe against Darwin's theory of evolution. He came to this conclusion by studying Biochemistry. Why then is this example ignored? Why then does the media continue to parade with the ranks of the evolutionists? Perhaps it's because that's what people want to hear. Perhaps there aren't enough vocal 'anti-evolutionists'. Whatever the case is, this prevarication of the truth is driving me insane. If you desire for truth it should drive you crazy too. Do you enjoy being lied to or told partial truths? If there's one thing I hate, it's being lied to. Has this ever happened to any of you?
Girlfriend/Boyfriend says- I am just friends with that other person.
Girlfriend/boyfriend truthfully means- I am cheating on you with him/her and don't want you to know about it.
         Being lied to is just another form of being used. A person thinks that you're too dumb to figure the truth out and wants to manipulate you to suit his/her/their wants. Just the thought of being lied to makes me a little hot under the collar. I am not innocent of lying, because I am not perfect and that is one thing imperfect people do. Don't get me wrong -I have not lied in any portion of this site- I make a conscious effort to tell the truth every time I communicate with another. I have done my utmost to present you a truthful view of the origins debate. I don't want to dictate to you what to believe, I just want you to have this information as a counter to the media and all the other pro-evolutionist material out there. I want you to have this information because I believe that it is a matter of eternal significance. What I have to say is not in any way consistent with popular thought- that we are sinful beings in need of the One who created us. Believe me, I would not stand for this belief for any other reason than that it is true and I do not wish people to suffer. I do not consider myself any better than anyone else- we are all sinners in need. The only difference is that I have humbled myself and entered into a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. He has given me an entirely new outlook on the beauty of life and living life in service to God. So please consider what I have to say- please read over the links. At least this way you'll gain more insight into the Creationist viewpoint of the Origins debate. It's a win/win situation.