Summer Schedule

June 1 - June 8:

    I will be a camp counselor for the Heights Baptist youth group.  The group is going to Panama City Beach again this year, and I am looking forward to the camp as it is a place where my life was turned around for Christ.  I look forward to revisiting the place and loving on the kids there and hopefully encouraging them as they develop in their walks and near leaving for college.

June 8:

    My internship with Josh McDowell Ministries officially begins with a barbeque at one of the staff's places.

June 19:

    I officially take over the chaplain position of KYX.

June 21 - 29:

    I will be counseling at a camp in Greeley Colorado.  This is a Christian swimming camp geared to encourage Christian swimmers- getting them top of the line swimming instruction and workouts while at the same time keeping the focus on Christ and having daily meetings (challenge times) to help them grow spiritually and mentally as well as physically.  Three time swimming Olympic Gold Medalist (and current American world record holder) Josh Davis will be there to share with the kids and help instruct them, as well as several other strong Christian leaders in the swimming world.  I have the privilege of leading worship at the camp, and look forward to it so much!

July 19 - 29:

    I will be traveling to Russia with JMM to minister to Russians as a part of Operation Carelift during this time.  We will be delivering to them much needed supplies as well as our love and care.  The materials will help open doors to evangelize to them and share with them the message and love of Christ.  Those that take interest and desire to pursue relationships with Christ will be set up with churches that JMM is involved with in the area.

August 10:

    My internship with JMM officially ends.

August 11 - 24:

    During this time I will intensify efforts to raise money for my future, whether to cut into the costs incurred by the JMM internship or to help prepare me for the upcoming year.  I will also continue studying and preparing for my coming leadership positions in the next year.