My prayer needs at this point are as follows:

First and foremost- pray that God use me for His kingdom.  I am doing this for His glory and if that doesn't happen, the whole thing is a waste.  I am diligently pursuing Him in daily quiet times, and doing what I can to follow Him, but the battle belongs to Him and the more prayer on behalf of the people I will be ministering to, the better.

I am currently praying for KYX (Keeping Under Christ - a real Christian fraternity with an expected membership of around 100 or more next year), where I will be chaplain next year.  Please pray with me that God would stir in our hearts, change our lives, speak through myself and the other officers, and use us to spark a spiritual revival in Lubbock.

I am in preparation to leave for Lubbock (on the 19th).  Pray that God puts a song of joy in my heart that comes out beautifully through my actions and love to Texas Tech and spurs them to know and worship our Creator.