Here is the financial breakdown of my JMM internship program for the summer:


          Total Cost                                         $2435

          Total Raised                                      $2435
          Total Left to Raise                             $      0


God has graciously provided for the internship, and I thank those that helped out so much for their faithfulness! 

If you have any questions about how the money is spent or would like to make a donation to Ministries, please email me.  I would like to improve by getting a better, bigger, and faster server to run it off of ($4 - $13 a month will allow more room for a better looking site with and provide more in-depth articles), print out business cards with on them to hand out to people I meet ($200 for a significant amount of good cards), gain rights for and which will cost about $35 per year and advertise the site to bring in more people seeking Truth (about $0.03 per person).  Additionally, I have major plans in the future for improvements, but I cannot make them until I have the financial needs met to move forward.