2 Timothy 2:1-7

These are the notes I used in speaking to the Stonebridge college class this morning.   I feel the message is superb, and that is why I desire to repeat it here.  Check for the full lesson within a week or so!

2 Tim 2:1-7

I. Prayer, Introduction: vs1
1. Background behind Timothy / Paul in letter
2. Purpose behind letter- last words of encouragement, the big picture
3. Purpose of passage description of Christian life through metaphor

II. Discipleship: vs2
1. Spend time ministering with those younger in the faith Ė Paulís example
2. Entrust teaching to faithful / trustworthy men
3. Men who will be able to in turn, tutor others

III. Soldier: vs3-4
1. Be bold, as a competent soldier. Assume risks and responsibilities of a soldier!
2. Do so alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ- itís not a Samson vs. the Philistines type war Ö we are all in this together
3. Focus- avoid the entanglement of the World. Keep your priorities straight Ė bullet in head or hungry?
4. We should desire, focus on pleasing our recruiter and commanding officer- not indulging ourselves in miscellaneous activitiesÖ we owe him a lot! We havenít signed up for a practice, rubber bullet type Christianity!

IV. Athlete: vs5
1. Competition is a result of training (competes = active)- the whole picture - sports
2. Discipline, Determination, and Diligence needed to succeed- to be decorated as a victor
3. Obedience is Godís desire- that we run the race according to his rules, and follow his path set for us, rather than one that will take us through the thorn brush and get us lost (ie- anything outside of his will for our lives)!

V. Farmer: vs6
1. A hardworking farmer? What does that mean? Persistence, patience, and perseverance! Umm, try Laboring farmer, or one that works to the point of exhaustion- consistently!
2. In time, after effort and endurance, if you are faithful- the fruit will come. You will experience it firsthand, the choice reward, and first.

VI. Reflection: vs7
1. Reflect- to ponder? Have in mind! Consider!
2. God will give you wisdom- itís not so much genetic! Check out Proverbs! All it takes is a response to God and spending time with Him in His Word. Itís that simple!
3. All this really means all things, in all respects. Life, our relationship with God, things that matter in life and pertain to a Christian minister.