Russia Picture Gallery

Here are my pictures from Moscow! There will also be more from others coming soon! I took over 400 and currently have 290 (along with 5 silent videos) of them online! They are in 8 sections, basically in chronological order (some pictures of Moscow were thrown into that category) - arrival, each of the 5 days of ministry that we did, and pictures of Moscow and People as well. Enjoy your time here and feel free to let me know what you think of the pictures! I love getting email, especially from OCL members! Email me at

  • Arrival (J): 7/19-21/2002, Our first days in training in Russia, including some incredible shots of the Kremlin
  • Day One (J): 7/22/2002, Our first day of ministry at an invalid society
  • Day Two (J): 7/23/2002, Pictures from a hospital and orphanage
  • Day Three (J): 7/24/2002, Pictures from a couple sanatoriums for retarded children
  • Day Four (J): 7/25/2002, Pictures from a school for the blind and speech impaired, and Sergei Passad
  • Day Five (J): 7/26/2002, Pictures from a hospital for children suffering from radiation from Turnoble
  • Moscow (J): 7/27/2002, Beautiful pictures of Moscow at sunset, among others of the city and the Kremlin
  • People (J): 7/28-29/2002, Pictures of those I encountered on the trip, largely those that were working with OCL

All Albums are up! Coming within the next few days will be additional pictures taken by other teammates.

Click on the available J's to read that day's journal. I am working hard on the journals now. They will be up by the end of the week.