The Mathematics of Life

James Fletcher Baxter 

In ancient Israel, the pre-born human being was considered to be a person and, at birth, one-year old. The wisdom of Israel held that the value of the single life defined the value of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

 History teaches that when the individual person is of expedient non-value, the value of the plural unit, the whole society, becomes regressive and expendable.

 Today, there are those who say, "Abortion is such a messy negative subject." The American new age holocaust is what it is. Regardless of a sophisticated rationale it is a form of cannibalism - devouring one's own kind - and has no place in a free humane society based on individual worth. 

If the individual is worth zero what will our Nation be worth? Isn't the whole the sum value of the parts - the individuals who make it up? 

Is there any other kind of human? After all, isn't every "group" merely a convenient verbalization about individuals? 

Ask any ten-year old, "If one equals zero what does twelve equal?"

 If each individual is worth zero what will society be worth? The consequences will accrue to each and every individual in our Country. 

Dear reader: Don't YOU qualify as 'an individual?' Are YOU prepared to be weighed in the balances of your own choosing? The perverse cause produces the perverse effect. Obviously and sadly, it is already happening...

 "The fool foldeth his hands together and eateth his own flesh."     Ecclesiastes 4:5     Selah.           Dear Trendy-One: Are there any questions about our Nation? YOUR future? How about arithmetic?

 P.S. The next step down? Assisted suicide.